Monday, January 24, 2011

Tik, toc, tik, toc...

1:30 in the morning. Everyone is sound asleep... well, everyone but this little ghoul. Thank gawd for cable! I figured now was the perfect time to start thinking about new creations to start on this week. Ok, I didn't "decide" this, I just suffer from insomnia... and a mind that just wont stop working... grrrr! I just found out that you can add photos to these blog things *AWESOME* so I tomorrow I'll throw a few on here, just so you get a feel of my style. Actually, that may confuse more than explain... see, my "style" is a total representation of my mind, kind of all over the place! A bit girly but very dark. Everything from shiny pink rhinestones to blood splatter. Zombies and vampires mixed with Hello Kitty and Cinderella! Think Lolita, Rockabilly, Goth... but all mixed into one. I'm telling you... TWISTED :) I love how there's so many supplies I can mix and match and I dabble in ALL of it... clay, acrylic, resin, fabric, whatever I can get my tiny fingers on! My problem is I can never seem to finish one type of project before I start on another. For instance, I bought $300 in beads, no not all at one time, my husband would have given me "the look" for that... but within a few months I had ALL KINDS of beads in several baggies and bins lined up in my work area, a.k.a. the living room. Pinks, blacks, reds, blues, rounds, faceted, hearts, large, small... and in the last 3 months, I've used NONE of them. I'm just glad I know they're there in case I need them :) That's pretty much the story with a lot of my supplies... I go to the craft store to buy some background sheets, expecting to spend $5 and I walk out minus $75 and my husband saying, "I told you so!" It's ok... he loves me! :) Hopefully soon I'll have some feedback from any of you reading that will inspire me to put good use to the plethora of supplies I have on standby... I love that word, plethora, haha! Well, goodnight for now but don't forget, check out both of my shops :)

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