Thursday, January 20, 2011

Popping the Cherry!

I'm sure everyone starts these things off the same way... "I've never done this before and am not quite sure what to write..." Haha! This really is my very first blog *bows* and I really am not sure what to write! I've never even really read any blogs so it's not like I have a template to go off of... but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find some! :) I guess I can start by introducing myself and explain why I decided to take this leap.

My name is Dolly, short for Dolores, which is actually my middle name, not my first... it's a whole long story of the first born girl being named after the mother for so many generations and blah blah blah but the point is, everyone just calls me Dolly. I've always a bit creative and come from a LOOOOOONG line of artists (sister, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents... you get the picture) but I've also had a career in Accounting that took up most of my time... well, that and the fact I'm a wife and mommy. A couple years back I decided to take a stab at jewelry making. I mean, what girl doesn't love jewelry?! Ok I'm sure there's plenty, but then that ruins my story! Anyways, I started making some cutesy things, ya know, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess stuff... the "let's put our fingers down our throats it's so girly" stuff. People liked it... but then I slacked off. Hey, life gets busy! After awhile, I ended up getting hurt at work, was put on TTD  and I've had LOTS of free time the last 5 months. So... I revamped this twisted mind of mine and created Twisted Mind of Mine Jewelry & Accessories! Clever wording, huh?! ;)

I've been creating so many new things, my hands can't keep up with my mind! I've spent more money than I'll admit to my husband on supplies and have been a busy little bat coming up with new creations. The problem is... MARKETING! I've had my shop on Etsy ( and so far it's been doing pretty well. But being the persistant and impatient person that I am, I needed more exposure! And, VOILA... I was thrust into the world of blogging! I'm not a writer, (though I DO have lots of ideas for books) just a girl with a ghoulish imagination, lots of time on her hands and an understanding husband who hasn't yet thrown all my stuff out the window when it clutters our living room! So here's to hoping for some new business contacts, maybe making some new friends from this and most importantly SELLING MY STUFF!! :)

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