Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Giveaways!!

Team HORROR COUTURE is really taking off (WOO HOO!!!!!), we're at just about 40 members in just over a month! In honor of that, some members have decided to hold giveaways, including my shops and!! To have a chance at your free gift, just click the FOLLOW button... it's really that simple! The point is to give our followers an incentive... as if my writings weren't gift enough *wink, wink* to keep up with our rantings, ravings and promotions blogged about here and hopefully gain many more readers (so feel free to share our blog site with everyone you know). Followers will be picked at random for all giveaways and each winner will be named in a blog at random times... so you better check back often!! :) If YOU are named as a winner, you have 10 days to comment on the blog and collect your gift. If after 10 days you have not claimed your prize, it will go to another follower so make sure you keep an eye out for your name frequently and get all the up to date info on my creations, our teams and anything else I feel like throwing out there :)

Be sure to LIKE my facebook page as well so get more info on other team HORROR COUTURE members, their blogs and giveaways:

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