Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to the Horror...

I'm always on the look out for crazy, out-there horror flicks. Blood, guts and gore make me happy... when it's fake! I've seen a few sites that show real-life photos of death and odd murders, it was interesting. Seeing someones head cracked open by a helicopter propeller and brains splattered (literally) everywhere is not my idea of entertainment but it IS fascinating to me. So much, that when I first started college, I was taking courses to become a crime scene investigator. It wasn't until about two weeks into my first class that I realized it wasn't just adult corpses I would have to work with, but children also... and that's just something my heart couldn't handle. More power to any woman out there that can do it, but it wasn't for me. So, I stuck to looking at death photos and examining those. It used to be so interesting to me.

I came across a story about a couples 16 year old daughter who stole their corvette and sped off to her death. Apparently, photos of the crime scene were leaked and some truly heartless person sent them to the family in the most horrific fashion - email, with a message that was titled "Look at me Daddy, I'm still alive" or something along those lines. Now even if you HATE and I mean really, really have a deep hatred for someone, which is pretty hard to do, NO parent should be emailed photos of their daughter's mangled, bloody body! The family was trying to get the photos removed from the Internet and were suing the police department for letting the photos get out. Then I saw other related stories about the family and how they were not well liked in their community, there were some shady things going on with the dads business, the daughter was in trouble alot, real rebellious but didn't have many friends. The story intrigued me so of course, with my twisted mind, I started searching for these photos. That was the last time I ever wanted to see real life death photos. This poor girl, ugh, I can't even describe it, just thinking about it makes my eyes well up. It was just beyond horrific! Then I realized, THESE were the photos that were sent to her father, to her mother, and probably even seen by her sister and brother - with the cruelest note you could think of. I was sick! No matter what this family had done, nothing could excuse that kind of vicious act when they had already endured so much pain! That was the first time I felt like I had intruded on someones life... and I felt horrible.

My husband on the other hand has a far stronger stomach than I. He can take just about anything. A Portuguese documentary about Three Men & a Hammer was his latest search (and hard to find) but even that I couldn't watch. For any of you that don't know what that is, it's the title they gave a video of these two young men in Russia who beat a man to death with a hammer and some other tools including an ice pick. Not an enemy or someone they hated, just some poor guy who had the unfortunate timing of riding his bike home down the same street they happened to be on that day. They recorded everything on their phones, including other acts of torture on animals and such. They were finally busted and brought to trial. I never saw the actual video of the murder, it was something I knew I couldn't handle, but from what my husband tells me, it was pretty brutal. Not something I want burned into my head forever.

Now I think I've seen pretty much the worst of the worst, but I know there is more out there that my mind can not even comprehend or would even think to look for. So tell me, what is the worst thing you've ever seen on the Internet? I may or may not look them up, but I'm sure my hubby will - unless it has to do with children or animals, neither of us can handle that!

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