Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facebook Auctions: The Newest Trend?

With all the latest gizmos and gadgets, our world has definitely become dependant on getting all our information right in the palm of our hands, literally. At the sound of the ding! we are instantly updated on our friends locations, celebs latest complaints, news from all over the world and now, our favorite internet shops sales. I'm a fan of many Facebook shops, especially since starting my own FB Fan Page for my shop and no two are alike. Each shop has it's own style, well, as much style as they can have given Facebooks settings limitations. Now FB sales is a totally new concept to me... no listing fees, no sales percentage charges, it's totally awesome! Lately, I've seen more and more shops have eBay style "auctions" right on their picture pages. Instead of listing an item at a particular price, they have a whole album filled with photos of items they're willing to sell to the highest bidder. The shop administrator will list the rules of the auction right in the description section of the album or as a posting on their page such as how long the auction will run, when an auction winner has to pay by, how much shipping will cost and so on. Fans get to bid on the items by commenting the amount they'd like to pay on the photo of the item they want. If another fan wants the item, they must up the ante and outbid the commenter before them. At the end of the auction, whoever was the highest bidder, generally the last commenter, gets the item. Pretty simple concept, right? But what if only one person bids $0.50 on an items you spent more than $5.00 making and that's what they win it for? Well, I guess that's just a chance FB shops owners are willing to take. Not only do these auctions add a fun element to shopping, but they can also create exposure for your shop which in the end will result in more fans/customers. So think of it as a cost of sales, you may have lost $4.50 on that one piece, but you may have gained another 20 buyers in the process, so in the end, it's completely worth it! A few shops currently having sales are Miss Skull and Bones ( & Bows ByCupcakes ( So give them a check out, maybe find some items you just can't live without and put in a bid! Be sure to add my shop as a LIKE too (, I just may jump on this FB Auction bandwagon!!! Enjoy your night guys & ghouls :)

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